Gomez Custom Builders, Inc

Dear Ivan

Thank you so much for doing such a great job on my roof!!! Your great ideas for venting my roof system, with a new product called "Smart Vent" provided my roof with the ability to "breathe". I did speak to four (4) other roofing contractors and they had little or no knowledge of these products. You also recommended a drip cap which most other roofing contractors didn't mention, and it really looks nice.

One of our biggest concerns was that the roof was large almost 4,000 sq. ft., which some contractors said it would take about 3-weeks because they had a small crew or worked on there own, and we wanted the old plywood under the shingles ripped off and new plywood installed. Ivan you told me it would take about 2 ½ days, which was impressive. We did not want to have the roof exposed any longer then necessary because of possible rain.

Your crew had 5-experiemced roofers, plus yourself, and your team did the roof expertly in 2 ½ days. Your experienced guys used 5 nails per shingle as the manufacture recommends, they installed the Ice Shield & Tar-paper with no ripples and cut to precision (as you know I was home when the roof was installed). You also had one crew member there just for clean up, and as the old roof was tore off, the clean up person, that had already put down tarps was cleaning up simultaneously as the new roof was being installed, so there was very little mess around. You mentioned some of your team members had been with you over eight (8) years, and you could really tell they all worked in sync to get the job done professionally, and the roof looks great.

Additionally one of the nicest parts of dealing with you was that you were there almost all the time to oversee your team, and they really did a great job, the roof lines are perfectly straight and all the shingles are nice and smooth, just like they should be. You even installed a new Velux skylight for me, expertly with no leaks. Rarely do you find a contractor today that does everything they said they were going to do, but with you and your fantastic team, you exceeded all my expectations, and my home looks beautiful, and I can't thank you enough you now have a customer for life!!!!

Best Regards,
Nick Tatler


To whom it may concern:

These are just some of the reasons why I recommend Ivan Gomez to replace your roof...I noticed the shingles in a corner of my roof had been lifted by a windstorm. My daughter had her roof replaced by Gomez and was very pleased with the job performance.

I called Mr. Gomez on Mon. am and explained my situation. He said he would come out Tues (next day) to nail the shingles down...and he kept his word! He told me my roof was in poor condition...I knew I needed a new roof and had already had estimates for R & R of the roof. I asked him for an estimate...which he did in a day. I knew that the decking was rotten because the builder had neglected to provide ventilated soffits and the rafters were bent and sagging so I knew what to expect. The estimate from Gomez was significantly lower than others so I awarded him the job.

The contract was for roof removal and replace, new ventilated soffits, oversize gutters and downspouts, and new porch posts. The job was completed in two days with no damage to shrubs, etc. Gomez suggested a type of gutter screen to prevent leaf clogs.... and they are great at the fraction of the cost of Gutter Helmet (previous estimate). While the roof was being replaced many neighbors stopped to watch.... as a result the neighbor next door, across the street, two around the corner, and two down the block...all had new roofs installed by Gomez.... total of 7.

Weeks later my other daughter had her roof replaced by Gomez and also love the clog free gutter system. Gomez also redirected the water so my basement is now dry...no longer any water seeps. In conclusion the workers were fast, neat and careful, and the work was perfect...no call back (punch list) for anything. The cleanup was amazing.... no pieces, nails, etc. So you may call me for more detailed info if necessary. Sincerely, Robert N. Mueller.... 1639 Aidenn Lair rd. Dresher, Pa. 19025.... come out and take a look if you wish.

--- Rob Mueller


Description Of Work:
Our metal roof on the barn had been damaged by wind. Ivan replaced it with a shingle roof. His staff was efficient- they started at 8 AM and were all cleaned up and out the driveway by 2:30. The barn is 140 yrs old and is high. He replaced some of the rotting wood and put on all new plywood underlayment. I would definitely use him again.

Member Comments:
His staff was extremely efficient and they completed the job in less than a day. He then offered to paint the raw wood that needed to be replaced on the eaves. Two men came the next day and painted it all in a few hours.


Description Of Work:
Removed 2 courses of shingles, tarpaper, gutters, and any plywood that was deteriorated. Installed new plywood, tar paper, ice dam and flashing, smart vents, architectural shingles and ridge vent, new continuous gutters and downspouts. Also installed roof vents for dryer and bathroom fan. Cleaned up and removed all debris.

Member Comments:
Ivan Gomez responded quickly to my request for an estimate and was very professional. This was shortly after hurricane Sandy, and several companies gave a 3-week time for an estimate. He printed up the proposal on the spot. Ivan contacted me 3days later to see if I had any questions now that I had other estimates. Gomez' estimate was my middle estimate, so I chose them. He told me that if I didn't mind them working on a weekend, they could do the job the next week. They arrived promptly, draped the house for protection and worked all day Saturday. Sunday, they started at 11 am and completed the job and all cleanup by 3 pm. The work was done beautifully and my property was left almost spotlessly clean and neat.

--- Barbara